Here’s a fun tech gadget for dog lovers; a simple concept comes to life with iCPooch.  iCPooch is a tool which allows dog owners to keep an eye on their dogs and feed them a treat while away from home.  Using a tablet or smartphone and a Skype account, owners can communicate with their dogs from anywhere.


The mechanism has an adjustable brace which can fit a tablet or smartphone. The treat dispensary has a sole purpose of mounting the device and keeping it in place; the tablet and smartphone take over from there.  The Skype calls can be auto-answered once the settings are properly configured. In fact, any video chat software can be used if Skype isn’t preferred. The mounting instrument also has a treat holding apparatus inside which releases a treat upon a click of a button.  These functions are set online via the owner’s personal cloud that connects them to the iCPooch instrument.

There are many advantages to iCPooch, some which everyone can understand, others which only the dog lovers can appreciate.  Whether it’s keeping an eye on your dog or training them to do something particular, iCPooch has many great benefits!

How do you get one? Currently, iCPooch is a project requesting funding on Kickstarter.  The iCPooch team has set a funding goal of $70,000 and hopes to obtain the amount by October 1st. They are currently at about $21,000, so they are still a large chunk away from their goal. If you back this project, you can get one for as low as $149.  This will also include a sample of iCPooch treats.

iCPooch may not be for everyone but it is certainly a pretty nifty idea. One which has caught the eye of msn, NBC News Technology, Yahoo!, and many more!

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