At this year’s Google I/O conference, Houzz took the title of “Best App” this year. Unlike Apple, who selects the best apps by device, Google chose to select apps based on category and did not differentiate between phone and tablet. 5 nominees were selected across 10 categories. The winning apps were chosen by a panel of experts at Google and rated on several factors including app quality and innovation. To be considered, the apps either needed to have launched or had a major update over the last 12 months.

The ceremony was live-streamed by Google straight from Google I/O yesterday. This was a welcome change was previous years, making it possible to tune in from around the world.

Some of Google’s categories were unconventional. Perhaps some of the most attention-worthy were ones that features specific integration with Google’s services like, “Best Use of Google Play Game Services,” and “Best Use of Material Design,” the new design language used by Google. In addition, Google featured a “Most Innovative” app and a “Standout Startup” category to show that sometimes apps do start on Android before making their way over to iOS.

Houzz ended up winning the “Best App” title beating out BuzzFeed News, Colorfly, TuneIn Radio, and Yummly. This final selection is a testament to the high quality interface that Houzz offers. Their app is just as well designed as their website.

The full results were as follows:

Best App: Houzz
Best Early Adopter: World Around Me
Best Families App: Thinkrolls 2
Best Go Global: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
Best Game: Clash Royale
Most Innovative: NYT VR
Best Use of Material Design: Robinhood
Best Standout Indie: Alphabear
Best Use of Google Play Game Services: Table Tennis Touch
Best Standout Startup: Hopper

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