These Home Improvements will give you everything you need to never leave your home again.

Maybe you need a Sicilian break from the stark, cold weather of the tristate area. Maybe you need a Parisian breakfast to get you motivated to start the day. Either way, when you need a short hiatus from the real world. Sometimes the best getaway you can have is right in your own backyard. Check out these home improvements that will make you never want to leave your home again.

You need to have that space in your home that relaxes you. Something that takes some stress off your shoulders,

said Bob Kizlinski, project manager at Electronics Design Group.

While once or twice a year vacations leave you with that fresh-from-the-tropics glow, being able to let go of your anxieties on a much more regular basis can do wonders for you health. So why go to Cancun or Morocco every June when you can have wonderful mini vacations every weekend?

A bedroom that is minimal in design and décor can avoid distracting you from a good night’s rest. Entertainment in the bedroom can easily be incorporated into the room so that it’s there when you want it and gone when you don’t,

said Kizlinski.

A two-way chest built in at the foot of the bed is the perfect way to store your TV. Want to watch the latest episode of The Game of Thrones? Just press a button on your remote and your TV will pop-up from the chest and swivel around so you can watch from your bed, or from a seating area on the other side of the room. Want it out of the way so you can sleep peacefully? Just press the same button and it will tuck itself right back into the chest, leaving no sign that it was ever there in the first place.

Kitchens, pantries and cellars that take you to another country can also serve as an epicurean inspiration. Love Italian wine? Then why not have a Sicilian-inspired wine cellar?

A touch panel controlled wine storage system takes the classic wine connoisseur to the modern world,

said Paul Krasnodenski, senior engineer at EDG.

Esommelier, a wine barcode system that EDG employs in its projects, can keep track of an expansive wine collection with the help of an iPad. It notes the type of wine, their attributes, where they are located in the cellar, and even their ratings.

But what’s a getaway without some water? A pool or hot tub can allow for a quick early morning or late night dip, enough to exercise the muscles before or after a long day’s work.

Slate and other metamorphic rocks can be used to add a ‘perfectly imperfect’ touch to outdoor man-made landscaping. Strategically-placed lighting ensures safety when going for night swims, or to enhance the ambiance for romantic evenings.

Indoor pools allow for around-the year water recreation and can have a climate control feature to ensure tropical weather year-round.

The incorporation of flowers and other shrubbery adds a “natural” feel and balances out the stark white of the room while complementing the cerulean hue of the pool water. Add a large TV and disperse some hidden speakers, and your indoor pool is the go-to place of rest and relaxation, as well as entertainment, for you and your family.

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