For those of you who have a Pebble smartwatch, the need for third party health applications may slowly be coming to an end. In a recent update, Pebble has released a new native application that offers many of the same fitness tracking stats that more expensive smartwatch alternatives offer.

Pebble’s freshly rolled out firmware update for the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round introduces an application called Pebble Health. This is their new native fitness tracking app. Pebble Health will track your steps and monitor your sleep with added coaching features to help you improve. The data can also be utilized in Apple’s HealthKit or Google Fit if you choose to integrate the information.

Pebble’s older monochrome watches will not support Pebble Health, unfortunately. However, a new firmware update for their older technology will bring forth a new style that resembles their new Timeline interface. Unlimited apps will be supposed as well. While this won’t make a huge difference, it will at least help make your older technology feel less dates.

With the holidays right around the corner, this could be an opportunity to update your Pebble Watch.

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