From the creators of GoPro comes Omni: a brand new 360 degree virtual reality camera rig. The device is preparing for its launch on August 17th. The Omni will feature six connected GoPro Hero 4 Black video cameras for a full coverage. With 360 coverage, the Omni will generate immersive full view footage that can be used in virtual reality or with 360 media players as those seen on Facebook.

The Omni is expected to cost roughly $5,000.00. This deal includes the custom crafted metal cube that houses the six GoPro cameras, along with the software and hardware needed to record and edit 360 degree videos. Some consumers feel the price point is a bit steep considering a GoPro Hero 4 Black normally costs around $500. This means six individual GoPros would sell for just over $3,000.00. You can buy the virtual reality metal rig for $1,500.00. However, for the $500.00 you save, you lose out on the extra hardware and software licenses that are included in the full package.

Interestingly enough, the software is actually one of the GoPro rig’s biggest selling points. It makes it surprisingly easy to import and generate 360 degree videos. The physical rig features a central “brain” that fuses the cameras together automatically and syncs settings for a uniform and polished experience. 

You can pre-order the Omni on GoPro’s website. It should ship on August 17.
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