Today is the first day of Google’s development conferenece Google IO. Ever since Google announced project glass back in February it has been the most widely anticipated product that google has been working on. Well, today they announced that they will be released an Explorer Edition (for developers) for $1500 next year. The catch is that for now you can only place preorders if you are attending Google IO and live in the United States.

They begain the announcement with a demonstration of skydivers wearing the glasses as they fell through the sky. They continued the demonstration with bikers who jumped from roof to roof above the Moscone Center and finally ending up to the stage. This all happened while the audience watched live.

Along with a cool demonstration we finally got some more information about the device. There is a transparent screen above your line of site that will feed you information about your surroundings. There is an accelerometer, gyroscope and wireless radios. There is a camera, a speaker, a mic. A touchpanel on the side for controlling specific tasks. There was no talk of RAM or CPU specs. The product will come in three colors: light blue; white; and black. And with everything mentioned above Google says the glasses will ‘weigh less than mini-sunglasses’.

Even though things like augmented reality glasses and driverless cars (Google is working on one of those as well) are a few years away it’s still exciting to see that they are being developed. Google’s Co-founder Sergey Bring stated very clearly that “You’ve seen demos that were slick and robust. This will be nothing like that”.  That does not take away form how cool it is that in a few years these things will be a reality.

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