Google announced the new Chromebook Pixel yesterday: it’s best Chromebook yet. The latest rendition of the Pixel will sell for less, starting at $999.99. Despite the lower price, the new Pixel has everything the last one had and more.

The outside looks very much like the last version. The aluminum housing and thin LED bar have remained the same.

The inside, however, has improved substantially. The device will now posses a 5th generation Intel i5 processor. In addition to boosted speeds, users will notice that the laptop remains significantly cooler with prolonged use. Instead of lasting 5 hours like we saw with the last version, the new Pixel will last for 12 hours.

The laptop supports USB Type-C charging which allows for fewer cables to be lugged around as well as faster re-charge times. The screen still supports touchscreen capabilities and features a dense, high resolution display jam-packed with pixels. Google has made it a point to further improve color vibrancy on the new Chromebook Pixel.

The new Chromebook Pixel is available today.

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