More than Just a Dream?

Many of you have probably already heard of Google Glass by now.  For those of you who haven’t, Google Glass is a hands-free head mounted device that began development back in 2011. If you are thinking “Oh, so it’s like a Bluetooth headphone” or something along those lines, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Google Glass is essentially a head-mounted minicomputer designed to be paired with an android device.  It consists of a camera and storage for pictures, however the camera could also be used for facial recognition.  Built into the Google Glass is a bone conduction transducer.  You may be wondering, “What on earth is that?”  The bone conduction transducer is a device that sends vibrations through the bones of your skull in order to produce sounds.  Simply put, it is a speaker that makes no noise except for the wearer.  What truly makes the Google Glass out of this world is its screen that overlays your line of sight.  It could display videos, show pictures, or perhaps a navigation route all while being transparent!  Seems like something right from Star Trek!

Back in 2012, beta testing was announced for Google Glass. People were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get their hands on one! However, once the pricing was announced, the majority seemed to have backed off. Google made the device available for a whopping $1500! Still some people were willing to adopt this out of this world device, while the rest simply placed it in the back of their heads as merely a dream.

Fast forward a year and here we are in 2013.  After a year of development, there is new information that the Google Glass might be more affordable than before!  According to Jason Tsai, Google Glass can reach the consumer market for only a fraction of the initial $1500.  This estimate comes in at a mere $300 which is 1/5th of the initial price!  It is rumored that the initial $1500 was merely an inflated price to weed out those who would purchase the beta device as a fashion statement and reserve it for those who are truly interested in developing Google Glass into a well-polished device.

Whether this information is true or not, nobody knows for certain.  Hopefully Google will soon shed some light on this subject.  For now, the majority can only imagine the capabilities of the Google Glass.

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