Assuming everyone follows their dentist’s advice, just imagine how many toothbrushes flood landfills around the world. People are instructed to discard their toothbrushes every few months which produces a significant amount of waste each year.

Is this toothbrush-related waste necessary?

According to Goodwell, it’s not. Goodwell has designed an open-source toothbrush device that takes a modern spin on oral hygiene. The toothbrush is build from eco-friendly materials and is made to last your entire life span. The most enduring part of the toothbrush is the medical-grade aluminum handle which joins together with interchangeable, eco-friendly attachments that comprise the “forever” toothbrush.

The bristles on the brush are made from biodegradable charcoal fibers. The flossing and tongue scraping attachments are made from polished bamboo composite. This means the end pieces can be thrown in the compost rather than the trash. A simple optional subscription can be made to have replacements shipped to consumers throughout the year.

Unique to the design is the storage compartment within the brush. The Goodwell toothbrush unscrews from the bottom, allowing users to store small things inside like toothpicks, medication, or anything else that can fit. The storage space can also store an extra data tracker featuring a micro-controller and 3-axis accelerometer. This component keeps tabs on your oral hygiene. Unfortunately, this piece is still a work-in-progress and will not be available until Spring 2015.

The device is open-source, meaning that anyone can design add-on components, and CAD data was released in hopes that developers will design their own ideas for attachments. The company hopes to see a number of third party apps available in the future.

The Goodwell toothbrush is now available for pre-order at $60 for a standard toothbrush. If you also wish to add the flosser, tongue scrapers, and carrying case, the price is $80.

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