The most technologically advanced deadbolt made it’s debut at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco. It’s name is Goji. And it is awesome.

Goji, a crowdfunded tech startup, developed the Goji Smart Lock. The lock is a deadbolt that is connected to your smartphone that features a built-in camera that sends instant image alerts for visual confirmation of who is at the door.

Replacing mechanical keys, Goji activates the deadbolt lock when the door is approached by the homeowner. Some key features include allowing the homeowner the option to grant access privileges (i.e. maids, dog walkers, friends and family etc.), Goji greets the homeowner by name as they approach the door, and links to the homeowners mobile phone through Bluetooth or their current network.

The lock and digital keys are secured with bank-level encryption, a key fob (which is a system that allows homeowners to setup a digital pin), and as an ultimate backup the Goji Smart Lock operates with a conventional key by lifting the digital display to reveal a keyhole.

Electronics Design Group can install the Goji Smart Lock when it becomes available in December and connect it to your home network and mobile devices. And, at a price of just $278, it a cost-effective solution that will compliment any home automation system.

Contact us today to talk about the Goji Smart Lock, home automation, or even for EDG to come out and consult on the possibilities for your home.

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