So, I’m listening to my turntable again. Walter, one of our terrific “uber techs,” fixed it for me this weekend. It’s been three years since I listened to an LP!

Vinyl… there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING…that sounds this good, so pure, just so damm warm and musical.

Listening to records brings back memories of college.

If only an iPod could sound like this. Could you imagine?

I think the iPod got us all “back” to listening to music again. But while its been great to have all this music content so readily available, after firing up my Systemdek turntable with a new Grado cartridge for the first time in three years, I realized what I’ve been missing. I forgot HOW GOOD a record sounds!!!!!!

It’s just AMAZING how different the sound is. It’s scary, our kid’s will never really appreciate how we went from quality to convenience.

Honestly, if you asked me to choose between the two, I say MP3! I’m not willing to sacrifice my iPod and the convenience it provides.

But…I remember how music used to sound.

OMG…there is nothing like this sound!

If you want to experience this again, email me. I was thinking of having a vinyl night at my house. Its BYOV…..

Bring your own vinyl.

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