First off, unless you’ve been exposed to advanced lighting control at a friend’s house or in a dealer’s showroom, you probably don’t even know what the term refers to. For most people, lighting control consists of on/off switches and dimmers, placed at the entrances to rooms or on lamps. The truth is, lighting control can be a whole lot more than that. We’ve rounded up the top five things people don’t know, but should, about lighting control (and we’ve thrown in a bonus item too).

But first, let’s explain what we mean by lighting control. Whether it’s a single wall dimmer, multiple controls in a room or a complete home system, managing the amount and quality of your light can help save energy and enhance your home environment. A light control system, when properly installed and configured, can better integrate your lifestyle with the most fundamental electronic system in your house—your lights. In short, light is essential, so why do so many people shortchange themselves with decade’s old technology to control it like the on/off switch?

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