Ferrari, one of the top premier automobile manufacturers in the world, has modified their showroom to help ensure a magical experience upon visiting. With the release of a new augmented reality showroom app developed by Zspace, Ferrari is able to offer a car buying experience unmatched by competitors. Possible clientele are given the opportunity to preview a car that is accessorized as they wish. Color, features, shapes, and customizations can all be viewed within the augmented reality app that overlays a digital rendering on top of the actual car as seen through a tablet’s camera and screen.

The app uses Metaio’s edge-tracking technology to locate and identify the vehicle. Then the app assembles a seven-step walk around of five Ferrari car models. The app is able to display the exterior, interior, and mechanical, under-the-hood parts of the car.

This augmented reality experience will initially only be available in Australia and Japan. It will launch in the United States at the InsideAR event in mid-May 2015.

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