Feast Your Eyes on the New 4K Televisions


A new revolution has begun and it’s 4K.

Imagine swinging through the high rises of Manhattan with Andrew Garfield’s Spider Man - you can see every detail, from the ridges in his suit to the musculature of his spider bite-induced superhuman body. This true-to-life experience can be made possible with the latest in consumer TV technology: the 4K Ultra High-Definition display.

Ranging from a 3,840×2,160 to a 4,096×2,160 resolution, a 4K screen contains no less than 8 million pixels - about four times as much as a 1080p display. Coupled with more advanced picture processing, 4K TVs make it possible for you to have that up-close-and-personal experience with your favorite superheroes, including Garfield’s Peter Parker, Angelina Jolie’s Salt and the celebrity-packed cast of Battle: Los Angeles.

“Part of the wow! factor of 4K TVs is the clarity and the sheer monstrosity that is the gigantic, high-contrast screen of a 4K TV,” said Paul Krasnodenski, senior engineer at Electronics Design Group based in Piscataway, NJ.

These eye-scorching Ultra HD displays are the next great leap in consumer electronics and companies like Sony, LG and Samsung are racing to put one in your living room.

Sony, who has the advantage of owning several films that can be remastered in 4K, offers a concierge service with the purchase of their 84”, $24,999.99 XBR-84X900 4K Ultra HD TV: free delivery and installation, in-home consultation and servicing, as well as a lease of a server containing 10 4K-remastered movies, including recent releases such as Spider Man, Salt, Battle: Los Angeles as well as classics like Taxi Driver and Bridge Over the River Kwai.

LG, who pushed the release of their 4K TV to sometime in 2013, implemented a technology called Resolution Upscaler Plus that converts ‘standard’ high-definition content into content fit for a 4K resolution.

Samsung’s massive 85” S9, which is already out in Korea and some parts of Europe, sports the Precision Black Pro LCD panel, built-in 2.2 surround sound, and a quad-core CPU and is priced at a hefty $38,000.

“One thing they don’t tell you about 4K TVs is how amazing 3D looks on it,” Krasnodenski added. “On a normal, 1080p resolution TV, you lose some of the pixels to accommodate for the 3D. On a 4K, you can afford to lose some of the pixels, and on some models, even be able to watch things in 3D without the use of glasses.”

To aid a better viewing experience, Samsung also plans to manufacture a slightly curved model of their new TV in order to give panoramic images, such as nature scenes, a more life-like look.

“The more powerful processors, the faster refresh rates and better hardware make these 4K TVs better than any other TV out there. The future is here - so what are you waiting for?” Krasnodenski added.

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