In an effort to retain users who are turning to alternative social media platforms like Snapchat for sharing updates throughout the day, Facebook has decided to create its own photo uploader with features that resemble Snapchat. The ability to add filters, text, and symbols, makes ordinary more interesting. You can overlay photos with text of any color while previewing various edits to the coloration and adding stickers on top.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because all of these features come directly from Snapchat. Facebook failed to acquire Snapchat with its bid and has since created apps to replicate Snapchat, though those applications have mostly failed as well.

Facebook said, “People want to be creative when they share experiences with their friends and family on Facebook. We are rolling out a new place to house all of Facebook’s photo-editing tools, making it even easier to add filters, stickers, or text to your photos.”

The new uploader on iOS will add a vertical line across the selected photo, alerting users that they can swipe to immediately adjust their image with various color corrections. Typical filters will be available. A flashing magic wand button in the bottom left corner of the photo will open the enhancement tray with tabs that allow for filters, tags, text, cropping, and the addition of Facebook stickers.

All of these similar features may feel stolen but they’re taken from Snapchat with the philosophy that if the features were good before, they’ll be even better with Facebook’s pool of over 1.4 billion users!

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