Epson has developed a unique solution to simplify recycling that will help create a more sustainable work place. The new PaperLab is a paper recycling machine made by Epson. The device is around 9 feet wide.

This recycling machine can be used to turn used paper into clean white sheets. The machine strips paper into fibers before using additives to bind those fibers back together. It removes any color and calibrates the ultimate white-color for the final output.

PaperLab works at a rate of 14 sheets per minute. This means the device can produce 6,720 CLEAN blank sheets of paper in one 8-hour workday. By recycling paper from the comfort of your office, the process of obtaining blank paper is more convenient. You no longer have to travel to transport paper back and forth. Assuming you run the machine continuously, you could theoretically never run out of paper either.

Epson’s pricing has not yet been discussed but we expect the pricing to be quite expensive.

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