Friday, September 12, 2008

Electronics Design Group (EDG) took home four awards for their residential electronic installations at last week’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO- Two gold, one silver, and one bronze. This brings Electronics Design Group’s lifetime total of CEDIA awards to 21!

Award categories included; the Best Integrated Home Level II category, $150,000-$200,000, for the Gold Technical Design, the Best Dressed System Technical Design category, for the Gold Technical Winner, the Best Large Home Theater Level IV category, $200,000-$330,000, for Level IV Silver Technical Design and the Level IV Bronze Technical Design.

Bob Gullo, president of EDG, states, “It was another great year for us. I’m thrilled that our design and installation team is getting the credit they deserve for the work they’ve done. My thanks to our clients who give us the opportunity to go above and beyond.”

The first gold medal-winning project submitted for Best Integrated Home was installed in a New York City apartment. Every electronic system in the home is fully integrated. Automated lighting and shading systems and the large scheduling program controlling HVAC allow the home to operate at maximum efficiency. Each component of the installation, from A/V to climate control, to security, is controlled via Crestron touch panels.

The second gold medal winner was a project judged on the racks in the systems control center, and the wiring that connected it all. This award is based on wiring organization, neatness, and service ability. According to Gullo, “Best Dressed is an award we’ve coveted for a long time. We are proud of how our racks look from behind; we always show a prospective client a view from the rear!

Best Dressed 2008 – Gold

The silver and bronze medals for Best Large Home Theater were awarded for EDG’s work in two homes in northern New Jersey.

For the silver medal project, EDG worked with a client who was building a new home from the ground up. The design team at EDG transformed a 680 sq. ft. of empty space into a luxury entertainment room for ten. They incorporated a projector that was perfect for movie watching and video gaming, two rows of theater seats, a rear bar counter, an in-room dining area, an extensive speaker system, and more. The room was treated with staggered stud construction and an acoustical wall absorption system for optimal sound quality.

Best Large Home Theatre 2008 – Level III – Silver

The bronze medal award winning home theater started as a small sheet rock room with a carpet glued to the floor. EDG transformed the space, creating an entertainment room to seat twelve. The room features luxury theater style seating, a bar area with additional seating, and a Stewart Filmscreen 136 Firehawk CineWide screen. The room is outfitted for movie or sports watching, cinema quality sound, one-touch operation of the curtain, lights, and screen width. The space also features an internet connection where the home owner can connect to his office.

Best Large Home Theatre 2008 – Level III – Bronze

This year continued the EDG tradition of coming up big at CEDIA. In 2007, EDG took home three awards: The Crestron Integration Award, the CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle silver medal for a large home theater and CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Gold Medal for Best Integrated Home.

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