Recently, Electronics Design Group launched a major redesign to its website that not only provides an improved desktop experience but a completely responsive mobile experience. Unlike many other “mobile” websites you can access every page of in the same manner you do on a desktop computer. EDG used a design style called “responsive web design” which flows the content of the page to any size screen so, no matter what kind of device you are using, you can access all content.

We modernized our design and streamlined many aspects of our site for better organization and navigation. Rather than searching both the top and bottom of the website to find the page you are looking for, everything has been aggregated into one multipurpose menu at the top. Many pages were restructured to make sense in both desktop and mobile environments.

Not only does our redesign take smaller screens into consideration but it rewards you for having a bigger screen as well. The content of the page will stretch right to the end of the screen. You can really see this by viewing one of our photo galleries from your mobile device.

On the desktop our navigation bar sticks to the top of the page so that you can easily navigate around the site even when you scroll all the way to the bottom. We decided our mobile site should have the navigation bar scroll with the page as to not interfere with the content when you are reading line one of our blog posts. This is just one of the many ways we’ve optimized the experience on mobile devices

The biggest change we made was a complete revamp of the back end that drives our website. This allows us to post content in a much more organized fashion, create new sections of the website and provide information to our trade partners/clients with more frequency than ever before.

We’re really excited about the update to our website and how much easier and more accessible it is.

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