It is almost the season! Have you made your list yet? Chances are, you’re too engrossed in turkey basting, football season and other autumn shenanigans to have started checking anything off twice, so the nice folks here at EDG thought you might need a head start on your shopping list for a more stress-free holiday shopping season!

xbox one vs playstation 4 upcoming consoles comparedjpg alt 323982 xbox one vs playstation 4 upcoming consoles comparedFor the gamer: Xbox One or PS4

No matter which gaming company they prefer, I’m sure at least one person in your brood would love to get their hands on the shiny new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Best of all, most of the deals for the Xbox One and the Sony Playstation 4 come bundled up with the most popular games such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield 4 and FIFA 2014.

Not sure which one to buy? Read this awesome product comparison by PC Mag. Or, you know, you could just ask the lucky giftee which one their gamer heart desires.

apple productsFor the Apple fanatics: iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina, MacBook Pro Retina, Mac Pro, iPhone 5S, etc…

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Apple’s new products that were released this past October. You know, just in time for the holidays. Nice move, Apple, nice move.

There are plenty of deals going around the ‘net for Apple’s newest lines. This Black Friday, the tech giant’s online store will be holding their one and only sale of the year. But don’t just take your turkey-filled belly to the store once it opens––the most discount one usually gets from Apple on Black Friday is an extra $50 or so off their most sought-after products. We also heard Best Buy has a few Apple deals up their sleeve - the electronics emporium is reportedly slicing off $150 off their MacBook Pros.

We’d recommend you just order online. That way, you can eat more of Nana’s stuffing.

android productsFor the Android fanatic: Nexus 10, LG Curved-Screen G-Flex, Kindle Fire and Paperweight, Samsung Galaxy and Gear

If you’ve been watching the tube lately, you’d have noticed a plethora of ads for various brands of Android phones and tablets. Fret not––you can totally find the perfect gift for your Android lover. What’s even better is the amount of deals you can find online for different brands of tablets! Tab Times has a wonderful article on the best Android tablet deals you can find this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

From the new Nexus phones and tablets to Amazon’s new Kindle Fire (with the MayDay option! Ooh!), you can read up on which Android phone or tablet is the best for you.

Stocking stuffers for everyone: Chromecast, Subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu+, Spotify and more
Want to get something small and inexpensive? Grab a Chromecast, or subscriptions to Netflex, Hulu+, Spotify, TuneIn and other Internet media-streaming services. The universality of these services is what makes it such a great stocking stuffer (or secret santa gift!), and it’s super easy to integrate it in your current home entertainment setup.

sony video unlimited 4k service_teaserAnd the last, but most definitely not least….The Ultimate Luxuries: Sony 4K TVs and Projectors, Samsung OLED TVs, Savant Smart Media, Control4 Products and Kaleidescape

Want to truly pamper your loved one with the magnificence of today’s latest and greatest in technology? Know someone who was very good all year and deserves the best in home entertainment and technology? Well, look no further than what EDG has to offer: 4K video installation (You can read more about 4K here), lighting controlsmart media servers and even complete home automation.

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