Dyson has sold bladeless fans, heaters, and air purifiers for some time now. A brand new device from Dyson will blend these features together for an incredible all-in-one fan. The device will integrate air purification, heating, and cooling into one seamless futuristic design.

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link features Dyson’s blade-free design making it excellent for families with small children and pets. Not to mention, it looks more sophisticated seated in an office than traditional fans and produces much less noise in comparison. The device also features a HEPA air filter for the purification system which provides a high level of filtration. HEPA is necessary to destroy small viral and microscopic structures that cheaper purifiers miss. In addition, this fan can be controlled using a Link app giving you great remote control over its settings. With these additional features and capabilities, this Dyson is a one-stop solution for all of your year round air-related needs.

Autumn is a major allergen season for many people. Those who have seasonal allergies may wish to pick up a Dyson Hot+Cool before it is too late. The fan will be available online for purchase beginning September 6th. The product will be sold in both silver and blue color variations. The Hot+Cool will appear in stores September 18th and will retail for around $600.00.

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