3D Printing has always been somewhat limited in terms of the shapes and designs that were possible due to gravity and the amount of time it takes for materials to dry. However, thanks to new dissolving support filaments, many new designs will be possible.

With the new Infinity Rinse Away support material, a whole new door has been opened for 3D printing possibilities. Shapes that would normally require support can have it while hardening. After cooling, a quick dip in a bowl of water washes away the support material leaving only the stable final design.

Printing 3D complex objects sometimes requires rafts and supports. The support is necessary to hold pieces in place. However, if an object is too intricate, removing that support can destroy the whole piece. With this new filament, however, none of that is a problem. Once you dip the final project in water, the supports wash away.

dissolving support filaments for 3d printing

The Infinity filament costs $50.00 and works with the 3D Systems Cube and CubePro 3D printers. It’s completely safe to be washed down the drain. The filament is available here.

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