After ten long years of planning and designing, French acoustic engineers at Devialet unveiled a device that takes a giant step forward in the realm of music and sound. Their new speaker called The Phantom eliminates the need for a sub-woofer. The whole device is a petite, spherical, all-in-one speaker that delivers what may be the best sound in the world.

The Phantom offers all this and more for a price tag around $2,000. While that may seem like a large price tag, keep in mind the Phantom is the equivalent of a 5.1 stereo system from Sonos or a traditional set of Hi-Fi speakers, sub, and amp. 

Devialet has truly created a piece of art through their outstanding integration of a speaker and an amp. The Phantom sounds so incredible because it features new technology called analog/digital hybrid amplification technology, also called ADH. This hybridization fuses the rich sound of analog amplification with the raw power and compactness of digital technology. You essentially get a massive speaker in a compact body.

But wait, there’s more! A neat feature called “Heart Bass Implosion” by Devialet is what gives the Phantom speakers the bass thump of much larger subwoofers. The sides wobble in and out to generate enormous sound from the vacuum inside its closed box design. Since the drivers are symmetrical, their vibration vectors cancel each other out so the device won’t wobble around.

Devialet has described the Phantom as four times more powerful than the best subwoofers on the market of equivalent diaphragm size while also being six times more compact and six times lighter.

The standard version will sell for $1,990 and the more powerful 3000 watt Silver Phantom will cost $2,390.

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