Do you have old, outdated or broken electronics laying around taking up space and collecting dust? Whether it is old computers, printers, monitors, phone systems, TVs, or any other appliance that is powered by batteries or plugged into the wall, 4th Bin will pick it up and dispose of it safely and ethically.

What’s known as e-waste, electronic waste, e-scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), are discarded, unused or broken electronic devices. These electronics contain large amounts of hazardous materials, and if these materials find their way into a regular waste stream it can cause serious health and pollution problems. 4th Bin is one of the first official members in the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling (CAER), and aims to decrease the 2.37 million tons of this electronic waste.

At 4th Bin they believe that reusing these electronics is the best way to recycle them. They refurbish and resell as much equipment that they can, and what they can’t is transported to their partners at WeRecycle! to be shredded, refined, and used to make new products.

4th Bin is taking the term green technology to a whole new level. They focus not on making technology and electronics greener, but are facing the disposal problem of these products head on. New York City has come to trust and rely on all of 4th Bin’s services. Along with collecting e-waste, they offer data destruction, ensuring customers that the personal data on their electronics stays personal. 4th Bin promises to provide the highest ethical standards in e-waste recycling and a 24 hour response time to all inquiries to ensure customer satisfaction. With door-to-door pickup there is no reason to not use 4th Bin for all e-waste services.

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