Artison is a company that specializes in the art of sound. One of their latest products is a speaker called the Masterpiece LCRDM MK2. This product’s final design reflects the innovation, refinement, and passion that was put into it. The Masterpiece is Artison’s flagship device which they proudly advertise as a no-compromise solution for both home theater and multi-channel music reproduction.

Artison has managed to pack a whole lot of power into each of their small flat panel displays. The Masterpiece incorporates three dedicated channels in two premium aluminum enclosures. Customer’s can opt for custom-designed models that are made to the color and height of their pre-owned television if they so choose. Grilles can be painted to match the color of the room.

The system contains four speakers, three channels, two cabinets, and one smooth experience.

The Masterpiece features top-of-the-line detail and clarity.

At just under 2 inches thick, the aluminum Masterpiece is a super slim and durable design. It attaches onto an modern HDTV and is super flexible in terms of possibilities. Say you’re an early adopter of the new curved televisions currently being produced by certain manufacturers. If you’re shopping for attachable speakers, you may find yourself at a dead-end due to the complexity of the shape and age of the new technology. Artison’s Masterpiece will readily attach and bend according your display’s natural shape. Seamlessly aligned with one another, you won’t be able to tell it’s a separate product.

Some owners have described their Artison Masterpiece as an extension of their television. The blank space on the sides actually extends the viewing experience and makes it easier to appreciate the image that is on the screen. With curved displays, it helps to eliminate the “bow-tie effect” where images can start to look distorted as they near the more extreme curves at the edge. The black space helps trick the eye into not noticing that as much.

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