At CEDIA Crestron unveiled their new NFC initiative called airConnect. NFC is short for near field communication which is the ability for cellphones or similar devices to communicate with one another without the need for the two devices to physically touch. This gives the two devices the ability to exchange data and information.

Crestron’s airConnect allows you to change the settings of any device that is connected to your Crestron system. You will be able to change the temperature, lighting and shading of the room you are entering by simply waving your Android phone or Tablet in front of the airConnect sensor. This opens up a new world of posibilities to families who have very different ideas of what they feel comfort is. Mom can can have open shades, sunlight and low music while she reads while her son can walk in and easily darken up the room and turn up the bass as so he plays his video games.

By simply being in close proximity to the censor the room will transform to that however that person wants the room to be configured. This is just the start of a compete revolution in the way you can interact with your home control system. As of now you need to have your cellphone in close proximity of the sensor but as technology improves your system will know you just as you walk into the room and change the room to meet your custom settings.

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