If you’re at all interested in technology, a smart lighting system is a must. It not only keeps you from ever having to enter a dark room again, but it can connect to so many other electronic systems.

That way, one button can dim the lights and fire up a projection system. It can also be tied into motion sensors to alert you when someone comes up the driveway.

The one thing that seems a bit daunting about smart lighting is the wiring aspect. Crestron is the latest company to take that out of the equation, with the debut of Zūm. This new solution (which is pronounced “zoom,” by the way) makes setup and control of smart lighting both easy and affordable.

Crestron is making Zūm scalable, by giving it a “building block” approach. That basically means you can start small with just a few switches, dimmers, or sensors, and then add additional products or rooms whenever you’re ready. Setting up the system requires just a few taps on a keypad, dimmer, or the Zūm app. This makes adding on easy, whether it’s in a small space or you want building-wide control.

Each Zūm Load Controller can handle 32 devices. Those devices have a communication range of 150 feet in any direction. However, with multiple devices installed, you can create a mesh network that can cover up to 2.25 million feet!

Zūm devices offer a choice of four Load Controllers, which is what gets those devices talking to each other. That controller lineup includes 0-10v, replay, plug load, and universal phase. From there, you can add the devices, such as wireless wall box dimmers and keypads, battery-powered keypads, occupancy sensors, and a daylight sensor. You’ll also want to snap up the Zūm Network Bridge, which snaps onto the existing Load Controller to enable Bluetooth setup from the iPhone app.

The Network Bridge is also what allows remote management and it can be paired with the Zūm Hub to communicate with traditional Crestron centralized lighting control systems, AV, shades, and HVAC. That same component enables remote control and access to Zūm Cloud, which can deliver smartphone alerts, reports on energy consumption, and more.

Need a few bright ideas on how to incorporate this smart solution into your space? Contact EDG at (732) 650-9800 for more information about Zūm, as well as other wired and wireless lighting solutions.

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