Imagine your home taken over by Alexa: the virtual assistant hosted through Amazon’s servers. Amazon’s most recently announcement has made the Echo more accessible than ever before. The new Dot will sell for as little as $50.00 making it more widely available and accessible than any previous iteration of Alexa.

With closer ties to Crestron, Alexa can be used as a major tool to control your home. She can serve as the liaison between you and your home appliances. If you want the heat turned up, Alexa can help with that. Similarly, she can adjust anything else that would normally be operated through a Crestron control panel. This is a major jump forward for technological voice control integration at home. For more information on this topic, contact EDG today.

Just like before, the new Echo Dot can bring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to any speaker with a 3.5mm aux cable. The company claims the second generation model is a bit sleeker than before, though it looks pretty similar to the original based on photos. It includes a faster speech processor, which takes better advantage of its seven far-field microphones for voice recognition. There’s also a new feature called Echo Spatial Perception, which will activate voice commands from the Echo device closest to you. That should solve the problem of having multiple Echo devices responding to your requests.

The second generation Echo Dot is available for preorder today in black and white and it will start shipping October 20th. If you would like to fill your home with Alexa, you can buy a six-pack of Echo Dots which will give you one free unit, or a 10-pack, which will come with two free Dots.

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