consider updating your network with edg 1How Many Internet Connected Devices Are in Your Home?

Hint: More than you think

MYTH #1 – The speed I purchase from my cable or phone company is the speed I get.

FACT- Speeds can vary for many reasons; from network congestion outside your home, to using WiFi versus hardwired connection, which customarily is faster.

MYTH #2 – I upgraded to the fastest internet speed from my provider, so it doesn’t matter how many devices I connect.

FACT- Your router, WiFi, switches, all play a vital role in controlling the internet traffic inside your home. In fact, most networks older than 2-3 years old are already obsolete.

In the future, 99% of everything we make will connect to the internet.
By the year 2020, data from connected devices will more than double all global internet traffic in 2020.
Today’s global connected device revenue is $200 billion, and will be $1.2 trillion in 2020.

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