Wireless speakers make it incredibly simple to play music and other audio in your home without having to plug into anything. Most wireless speakers, whether they utilize WiFi or Bluetooth technology, are not as well designed as high fidelity speakers used to be. The modern speaker should blend into the decor of your home, not be a piece of it.

Como Audio is aiming to change that with its Solo and Duetto speakers. Both the Solo and Duetto are capable wireless speakers that come with built-in support for Bluetooth, internet radio, FM radio, and Spotify Connect. But they have the aesthetic of a class speakers with a wooden frame, round grilles, and physical knobs.

The founder of the company, Tom DeVesto, previously worked at Tivoli: a company that sold beautiful radios for the home. Como Audio follows in Tivoli’s footsteps and brings their new speaker into the 21st century blending together modern components with a classic design sure to be loved by many.

The Solo and Duetoo are both similar in features and only differ in size and number of driver. Both speakers are moderately priced. The Solo starts at $300.00 while the Duetoo will cost $450.00. This puts the speakers at a price point slightly above similarly sized Sonos speakers. For the price you pay, the speakers do come with multiple drivers:  two in the Solo and four in the Duetoo. In addition, they feature real wooden cabinets in a variety of finishes, a color display, infrared remote, physical buttons and knobs, wireless technology like WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC. People who have tested the device feel the price is reasonable given the speaker’s capabilities.

While a major selling point for these speakers is their appearance, another major advantage to the Solo is its ability to work independently without a phone. If you want to tune into an internet radio station or an FM station, you can use the knobs to tune it to the station you would like to listen to. You can even connect an Amazon Echo Dot to add voice controls to the system.

The Solo’s Spotify Connect feature requires a phone to get started. The display on the front shows the current artist and track being listened to, as well as the album art! The colors are definitely washed out and the pixels pale in comparison to any other modern piece of technology – but it gets the job done.

Both speakers’ output are loud enough to fill a large room but they are not going to shake the walls or bring down the house. You’d need a much more powerful speaker for that amount of sound. Even the Duetto isn’t built to produce a floor shaking amount of bass, though it is more powerful than the Solo in that regard.

The Solo and the Duetto can be linked for multi-room playback via Como’s smartphone app. If you are looking for speakers that look as good as they sound, the Solo and Duetto fill the gap quite nicely!

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