Recently, there has been talk about Google’s plans to merge Android and ChromeOS into a more unified operating system. To combat these rumors, Google has published a post on almost every blog they own claiming that these speculations are false. Google stated, “While we’ve been working on ways to bring together the best of both operating systems, there’s no plan to phase out Chrome OS.”

ChromeOS users are well aware of the overlap between the Chromebook operating system and Android. Many of the applications in the Chrome app store are the same as the ones you can find in Google Play. Many applications are already supported on both platforms.

ChromeOS has great momentum in today’s market. One spokesperson reports that more than 30,000 Chromebooks are being utilized in U.S. classrooms every school day. Large enterprises like Netflix and Starbucks use Chromebooks with their employees. In other word, ChromeOS is well represented.

Overall, ChromeOS has been a huge (and somewhat unexpected) hit for Google and the company has no reason to kill it off. Chromebooks are solid devices that are reliable, fast, and relatively problem-free. The platform will likely be even more widely-adopted after this year’s holiday season.

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