The Glasswing Butterfly is the main source of inspiration behind a new technology being developed.

A group of German researchers have discovered that the glasswing butterfly possesses irregular, nanoscopic structures in its wings that eliminate most reflections at all angles. If these structures could be replicated, they would be perfect for phones, camera lenses, and all other devices where having a glare is a potential problem.

Unfortunately, scientists have been unable to recreate the surface in a lab to date. They foresee a future not far off where such a screen exists permitting comfortable outdoor reading on your digital device in direct sunlight. Everyone has found themselves squinting to read their phone outdoors at one point or another. With this research, the goal is to eliminate that problem so you can easily see your screen in bright light.

The answer to creating a glare free screen lies in the Glasswing Butterfly’s wing. The structures absorb and refract light so it doesn’t reflect into your eye. This eliminates virtually any possibility of experiencing a glare. What is even more amazing is  the glass is naturally self-cleaning and water repellent due to its microscopic structure.

Thank you for the inspiration, butterflies.

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