A company called Parrot is trying to popularize Smart Gardens by appearing at CES this year with a new self-watering intelligent flower pot. The new flower pot will be called the Parrot Pot and will be made available sometime in 2015.

If you’ve had bad luck creating a lush garden the Parrot Pot is perfect for “Black Thumbs” because it comes equipped with a 2.2 liter water reservoir and provides up to one month of smart, autonomous watering. To keep your plant healthy, Parrot’s premium sensors know exactly when your plant needs to be watered. As your plant grows, the system will adapt its cycles and determine the most efficient irrigation schedule. When it is time for the plant to be watered, the pot possesses four little openings around the edge that will shoot water towards the center of the pot. They will supply just enough water to help the plant thrive.

Parrot’s app contains a database of over 8,000 unique plants and each profile provides the Parrot Pot with plant-specific details and instructions on how much water the plant needs and how often it requires it.

The Parrot Pot itself is machine-washable and durable enough to be kept outdoors. It’s white design is both sleek and conventional making it perfect for almost any home, office, or garden.

Check out this short video from Parrot. -->

The Parrot Pot is expected to cost approximately $60.

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