The iPhone’s most anticipated OS update of its entire seven-year history comes out today. iOS 7, featuring a new multi-dimensional layered complex design interface by Sir Jony Ive, hits iPhones worldwide sometime today.

With its radically overhauled interface, transparency layers between apps and a new control center, Apple takes certain cues from its competitors like the minimalism of live tiles from Windows phones, and the fluid pseudo-animated background and convenient control center from Android phones.

Gone is the skeuomorphism that Steve Jobs implemented in the first few iPhones - this time around, Apple aimed for  “clarity, translucency and depth” in the design for iOS 7, the latter of which is accomplished by Apple’s parallax effect to add a sense of movement in the phone’s background.

There’s no question that Apple’s iOS 7 is beautiful - but should you upgrade once you get the green light from Apple’s servers? Some users are waiting a few weeks due to certain app incompatibilities, bugs and fear of sluggishness. App companies have been rushing to get iOS 7-friendly updates out to users before the big release, but many iPhone owners might want to wait until their favorite apps have iOS 7 versions for full usability.

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