The art of blending technology and design tends to be a very delicate balance. However, thanks to TRUFIG’s innovative flush-mounting solutions, aesthetic-conscious architects, designers and property owners can rest assured that the beauty of their intended designs will prevail.

Founded in 2008, TRUFIG’s philosophy is built from three main pillars: material authenticity, perfection in the smallest detail and a systematic approach to design.
From the careful selection of materials to the intensive detail given to all craftsmanship TRUFIG maintains consistent color, texture and quality, helping to enhance the overall architecture and detailed design of each space its products are utilized in.

The most recent example of TRUFIG’s versatility can be seen in the Miami Beach, Apogee condominiums. Located on the most southern point of South Beach, the Apogee complex is known for its luxurious living and clean, crisp design elements.

The Apogee project acts as a true proof point for all that TRUFIG does, and all that they can do. Like most home or office spaces, these condominiums have a number of different finishes ranging from stone, wood, plaster, and drywall– TRUFIG had a solution for each and every one.

Throughout the installation process, TRUFIG’s functionality and adaptability was made clear as it was easy to work with all of the surfaces present in the condos. TRUFIG provided a solution for each of the finishes, and proved that not only can the brand seamlessly integrate power switches, power outlets, data jacks, keypads, volume controls and touch panels into any surface, but TRUFIG can also increase the level of aesthetic refinement while showcasing the simplicity and beauty of visionary interior spaces. All in all, the Apogee condominiums represent the best in clean design, where the technology does not demand attention, but rather blends in skillfully with its surroundings.

Additionally, the Apogee project also features audio, video, lighting and control integration – all part of an installation still in process. The combination of TRUFIG mounting solutions and high-tech automation has the Apogee condominiums well on their way to becoming highly coveted, artfully designed smart homes.

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