Good health is something we all desire as a necessity and luxury is something we all want. Combine the two and you get BitGym. BitGym allows the user to travel through beautiful landscapes, hike challenging trails, or even discover the shores of the Pacific Coast all from the comfort of their home or local gym. This interactive application transforms any cardio machine into a medium of travel and excitement.


The Whole Nine Yards

BitGym goes the whole nine yards; with high quality video and a greatly detailed background you feel like you are actually in the locations. The tours are diverse and fun so there is something for everyone from calm, quiet users to adventurer hikers. BitGym even goes global as there are activities in New Zealand, Italy, the Swiss Alps, and more.

Health Benefits

With engaging activities such as biking, running, and hiking, this application can be an asset to workout, train, or simply calm your mind.  The health buffs will want to train harder and longer as the visual aesthetics leave you wanting more.


The BitGym application is available through Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. To make the experience even more visually pleasing, through products like AppleTV and Chromecast, the tours can be viewed on television.


The BitGym application has membership pricing.  It is relatively cheap at $8/month and has cheaper options for founding members (via Kickstarter).

Final Word

BitGym is a good concept for a great cause. The market is not as open as Wii Fitness or Xbox Kinect since a cardio machine is required; however, it has the potential to pick up traction. It is currently on Kickstarter to obtain funding for additional development. With 17 days left and over $10,000 to go before the company hits their goal, it may be difficult for BitGym to obtain the funding it is seeking for.  Whether it’s a hit or a miss, one thing is for sure: it’s certainly eye candy for the techies.

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