Best Outdoor Audio Systems 2020

There’s a lot to be said for having a great outdoor audio system. It’s one of the best ways to make spaces like patios and lanais more comfortable and functional. When combined with options like a source of heating for the winter and ways to keep the space a little cooler during the summer, you can enjoy the outdoors any time of the year.

Not any system will do if you plan on getting years of use. That means you need to put some thought into the selection of that outdoor audio system. With many companies offering this type of sound option, it makes sense to figure out what you want, why you want it, and which brand offers the best systems. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help.

Reasons to Invest in an Outdoor Audio System


So what is an outdoor audio system and why should you want one? The obvious response is so that you can enjoy all of your favorite entertainment while enjoying the fresh air and ready access to sunshine. It also means you can sit comfortably on your patio and enjoy music or other audio as you watch the rain fall.

When the house seems to be a little too confining or stuffy, heading outside is one way to enjoy a change of scenery. The right outdoor audio system allows you to settle back and listen to a playlist that you’ve created. It can also allow you to enjoy streamed music or make the most of an audio book. If you’ve chosen to install a television on the patio, the right sound system certainly takes your viewing pleasure up a couple of notches.

reasons to invest in an outdoor audio system

While an audio system that gives you pleasure personally is reason enough, consider how the right system creates the perfect atmosphere for a backyard party. You can program the system with playlists that you create yourself, stream music from one of your favorite sources, or even make use of traditional sources like your beloved CD selection. Let the music play for a backyard barbecue, some sort of outdoor buffet, or celebrations like birthdays or anniversary parties. You could even press the system into service if you decided to lend the back yard to friends who want to have an intimate wedding and reception in a home setting.

A solid outdoor audio system helps you marry the more enjoyable elements of indoor living with the sense of being in the open that only comes from spending time outdoors. Rather than being space that’s only used once in a while, your patio or lanai becomes an area that you look forward to using frequently.

What System Would Work Best for You? Features to Consider!


Like most types of electronic equipment, there are outdoor audio systems that are great and others that are less than stellar. There are several points to consider before you settle on the right system. Along with the reputation of the manufacturer, it pays to think about the type of features you want with the system. Here are a few examples to consider.

How many audio components and speakers do you want? It’s a good idea to select a system that allows you to add multiple speakers without any difficulty. Perhaps four speakers will do for now, but what happens if you decide to add more a couple of years down the road? Opting for a system that can be expanded without a lot of trouble is worth spending a little more.

what system would work best for you features to consider

Would you prefer wireless speakers? Some of the best outdoor audio systems include this option. Keep in mind that you do want to find out what’s considered the maximum range for maintaining pure sound quality and avoiding lag time that could create something of an echo effect at a party.

With wireless speakers, do consider how you can position them so that they are not marring the appearance of your outdoor space. Did you know that some speakers are designed to be tucked away in teak wood planters or can be mounted in discreet spaces that attract little to no attention? That’s a great way to enjoy the audio without having to actually see the speakers.

The types of media you can use with the system is also something to think about. Definitely ensure that you can use physical media like CDs. It won’t hurt if the system is compatible with different types of televisions, just in case you decide to install one on the patio at some point. You do want the ability to access music files that are stored in the cloud or that reside on your tablet or laptop. The ability to connect one of those devices to the system is a must.

10 of the Best Brands for Outdoor Audio Systems to Consider


Now that you have an idea of why you want an outdoor audio system and some of the key features it needs to include, it’s time to focus on the best brands. Currently, you’ll find that each of these brands has something that merits closer consideration.

1. Sony: This company has been synonymous with quality entertainment for decades. When ti comes to sound systems, they have something that works well for just about any setting. That includes backyard speakers. If you’ve chosen to look into wireless speakers as part of the setup, there are several Sony options that offer higher quality sound, ease of setup, and a low profile. That’s a combination that’s hard to beat.

2. Hegel: Hegel Music Systems have been pleasing ears since 1988, and with good reason. The company produces a number of different audio systems, including options for outdoor use. You can set up something that’s more or less permanent as well as consider portable options. From amplifiers to speakers that integrate easily with your indoor sound system, there are sure to be a few options that are right for your application.

10 of the best brands for outdoor audio systems to consider

3. JBL: The brainchild of James Bullough Lansing, you can find equipment that is sure to be right for your outdoor space. From the smaller yards that tend to come with townhouses and garden homes to suburban properties with plenty of room in the backyard, you have a selection of stations offering multiple audio options. Think of what that means if you decide to host an outdoor wedding reception and include background music with a sit-down meal. When it comes to speakers, there are wired and wireless types to consider. If you’ve been thinking about investing in two-way speakers, JBL has several that may be just right for what you have in mind.

4. Sonance: You definitely want to check into the Sonance Landscape Series. It’s considered one of the most scalable outdoor systems on the market today. The sound quality rivals anything you could get for indoor use. The coverage area in terms of volume is also impressive. You have complete control, so it’s easy to adjust the system for an intimate candlelight dinner for two on the veranda or open things up when you’re hosting an outdoor holiday celebration.

5. Steinway Lyngdorf: If your plan is to tuck away some outdoor speakers into an exterior wall along the patio or some other covered area, this is one of the manufacturers that you want to look at closely. With wired and wireless options available, you can find something that will easily blend in with your surroundings and hold up well to years of use.

rock photo speaker

6. Klipsch: If you’re interested in some creative ways to work your speakers into the landscaping, Klipsch has some options that deserve attention. Consider their unique rock speakers that you can add to any flower bed or island. There are also smaller form factor mountable speakers that are easy to tuck away in the corner of a roof line and happen to look quite a bit like security cameras. Consider how they could be used along fence lines, in trees, and in other areas where they attract little to no attention.

7. Stealth Acoustics: Changing weather conditions is one of the factors you have to consider with outdoor systems. Consider checking out the Stingray line of speakers by Stealth Acoustics. The speakers are hermetically sealed so they hold up well against rain, humidity, heat, and cold. You don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to enjoy this level of protection; the fidelity is among the best in the industry.

8. Totem Acoustic: The design options boggle the mind. You can opt for freestanding speakers to go with the system or opt for something that will fit easily on a shelf that you float along one wall. There are designs that will mount under the eaves as well as wireless options to attache to fencing, poles, and trees. There are even some that you can place in planters with an open weave design or settle into shrubs. With any application, you can expect true sound reproduction that’s crystal clear.

totem aoustic

9. Leon: The union between Leon and Terra has created more possibilities for property owners that like the idea of having audio surrounding them while outdoors. The casing for the speakers are UV resistant and also hold up well to just about any type of weather. The range of sizes makes it easy to find something that will work with your plans for the landscape.

10. Integra: While Integra is better known for its home theater solutions, they also provide options for other types of indoor and outdoor audio systems. You’ll find that they have several wireless systems that are ideal for covered patios, verandas, pergolas, and other spaces where you want to be outside but still have some coverage from the sun.


Contact Electronic Design Group (EDGOnline) today at (888) 406-2782 and learn more about the outdoor audio systems that have caught your eye. Compare the features and think how each one would work for you. It won’t take long to identify the system that will keep you happy for many years to come.

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