There are many benefits of installing outdoor lighting. Including security, beauty & ambiance, safety and value.

Outdoor lighting can make the difference between a house and a home. Whether it’s to add dramatic flair or a welcoming aura, strategically-placed outdoor lights are the small details that can change the entire look of your home once the sun goes down.


The number one benefit of installing outdoor lighting & landscape lighting around your home is the added security. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, outdoor lighting is one way to deter criminal activity. Illuminated houses give off the sense that the house is currently occupied.

Outdoor lighting can also double as a security measure in the event that your home is burglarized.

“If someone breaks into your house, a setting in your security system can make your outdoor lights flash. Then, the control pads for lighting can lock so that the flashing cannot be turned off unless they type in the correct passcode,” says David Devanna, senior designer at Electronics Design Group.

Strategically-placed outdoor lighting can act as a crime deterrent.

Beauty & Ambiance

Many homeowners have outdoor lighting installed in order to improve the look of their home. When placed in the right locations, lights can add a soft-glow to outdoor living areas, and can make a great first impression on your guests. They can also highlight focal points around your home – architectural details, landscape and shrubbery, to name a few.

The added light also extends your living area to your outdoor space – an afternoon barbecue with friends can extend later into the evening, which means more fun for everyone and more use out of your deck or patio.

A nighttime swim can be made possible by outdoor lighting. Focal points are also illuminated.

Strategically-placed outdoor lighting can act as a crime deterrent.


Backyard parties in the summer almost always continue well into the night - so make sure you and your guests enjoy each other’s company in safety. Lights concealed along a backyard path can also prevent ugly accidents. Pathlighting can illuminate steps, walkways and decks - which will decrease the likelihood of getting an injury in your own home.


The added security, safety and beauty from installing outdoor lighting can also benefit you when you’re ready to move on to a new home. Outdoor lights can make a lasting impression on prospective buyers, and thus, increase the saleability of your home.

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