Clients interested in simple, elegant, and modern design should consider light switch options offered by a Belgian company known as Basalte. Basalte’s light switches include the tacto, sentido, enzo, deseo, mona, and auro product lines. Each switch features a capacitive touch surface that allows clients to intuitively turn on, turn off, and dim the lights in a room in a seamless manner.

Each switch has a built-in RBG LED that adds a soft illumination to the switch allowing it to accent the design of the room it’s in. All switches support multi-touch. Along with the regular switches, Basalte offers a variety of products including an intelligent thermostat, iPad frames, multiroom audio systems, and motion detectors. Many of the products are available in a variety of styles so it’s worth exploring their website if you think you may be interested.

auro motion detectorEach product has something that makes it unique. For example, auro is a motion sensitive switch that is designed to blend in. It’s clean white surface fades away against similar backgrounds. It can be mounted in ceilings to lay flush with the ceiling surface. If motion is detected, auro will signal for the lights to go on. Likewise, the light sensor allows you to control scenes and can behave differently during the day from how it does at night. On top of that, the internal temperature sensor discreetly reports back to the home automation system allowing it to trigger a fire alarm in case of an emergency.

eve ultimate ipad frameBasalte also offers eve, the ultimate iPad frame. The eve frame is a beautifully secure way to mount an iPad to the wall. Styles vary between a rectangular edge and a rounded one. The mount is a great solution for anyone with a home automation system. The mounted iPad could serve as a replacement for a home automation touchscreen device. Not to mention, there’s no mess, no cables, no connections.

Basalte products are a great choice for clients in search of something new that is both sleek and smart in the home.

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