Allergies can make life miserable. Anyone who suffers from them knows just how much they can affect productivity! A company named Bitfinder has a new product called Awair that analyzes the indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust particles, and volatile organic compounds in the air. It uses the information to generate individual recommendations via a companion app and can even make partnered devices activate to help reduce symptoms in your home.

The Awair was first built by Ronald Ro to track the air quality in his home since his daughter suffers from eczema. After becoming aware of how useful the information was, he decided to build the Awair using state-of-the-art materials making the final product far superior to any of the models he had laying around his home. Ro believes Awair can help people manage allergies, sleep habits, and productivity throughout the year.

After selecting a setting within the app, Awair begins monitoring the air and creates recommendations and suggestions for how to improve their air quality. The data is available for viewing via a companion app. To take things a step further, Awair’s recommendations can connect to other devices from other manufacturers to make adjustments throughout the home. The example they use is that if the air in your home is too stuffy, a Nest thermostat can be triggered to activate a fan in the home. Bitfinder has an open API for develops to play around with.

The Awair will be available for pre-order on May 27th for $150.00 and will ship in the fall – just in time to avoid a possible case of hay fever!

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