Italian-based company Architettura Sonora manufactures speakers that amplify the natural shape of sound. Their top-of-the-line speakers are designed with sound directionality in mind. The wide selection of speaker shapes, materials, and styles makes it possible to implement their speakers into just about any design. The companies mission is to produce the best possible sound from the best looking speakers.

With their team of acousticians, engineers, and architects, they have mastered the realm of high-performing audio and outdoor acoustic experiences with an increasing and ever-growing imprint in the indoor world. Their outdoor speakers are what makes Architettura Sonora really stand out.

The omnidirectional Sphere_360 is a variation that features classic lines and a clean design. Sound is projected outward in all directions. Sound comes across as full and pleasant with a warm tonal balance. These speakers, along with their square, rectangular, and cylindrical counterparts are ideal for integration in hardscape designs. Waterproof and weatherproof, these speakers can be used to create high quality outdoor audio. The modern style ensures the speaker adds to your home’s outdoor or indoor decor.

With Architettura Sonora, customization is everything. If the Sphere_360 isn’t loud enough for you, a different speaker is sure to meet your needs. For instance, perhaps you would prefer the Sphere_470 which is louder and projects sound over a larger surface area. Speaker bases can be ordered with carbon fiber, stainless steel, metal, and composite material just to name a few. The iconic top comes in an even larger variety which includes: Tuscan terracotta, travertine, marble, and alternative stones.

If the project calls for it, Architettura Sonora also sells indoor speakers that hang from the ceiling. The models direct sound in specific directions making it possible to design a one-of-a-kind listening experience for enjoying audio in new ways.

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