3D Printers aren’t just for consumers looking to print little toys and trinkets anymore. We see these printers becoming increasingly more popular in commercial settings where businesses can print materials that will improve their work.

Peter Pennoyer Architects, a Manhattan-based architectural firm that EDG has collaborated with on projects, recently hosted a Summer Party and introduced their 3D printer. At the event, the staff described the printer as their prized possession because instead of handing clients a set of complex architectural drawings and blueprints with dimensions, this particular architect is now able to print out a scaled-down version of rooms and architectural elements. By creating real-life models of specific plans, like a custom designed staircase, a client can actually see and touch what their space will look like once it’s constructed.

This technology is extremely useful in both a practical and creative sense. While there are concrete ways an architect could use such a printer, as you can see in the video posted below, there are also many instances where the power of the printer opens the door to innovation. The possibilities are endless!

Models are exactly what clients like to see. They want to know what they’re getting and what it’s going to look like. Two dimensional illustrations are great but can be difficult to visualize when work is complex and abstract. 3D printing fixes those problems by allowing clients to pick up projects with their own hands and see the end result and what their space will encompass. In effect, these scaled-down models will eliminate most client dissatisfaction as they’ll be able to see what they are getting before they get it.

Has your business explored the possibilities of 3D printing yet?

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