After much waiting, today’s Special Event from Apple marked the official announcement of many new things coming from Cupertino.

Apple Watch

Starting off with their Apple Watch, Apple introduced a number of updates to hardware for their wearable device. While the exterior design will mostly stay the same, the same can not be said about the inside. The new Apple Watch Series 2 line up will offer:

A new W1 chip and dual core processor will make the Apple Watch snappier than ever before. As an unexpected bonus, all unsold Apple Watch units will be upgraded with a dual core processor and rebranded as “Apple Watch Series 1.” The Series 2 devices will now include GPS functionality, true waterproofing, new health monitoring capabilities, and WatchOS 3.0 which will add other software features to the young operating system.

Through new partnerships with Nike and Hermes, new bands will be available. The neon black and green breathable band from Nike is a welcome addition to their lineup. Apple has also announced an all new ceramic Apple Watch. We are excited to get out hands on one of them to see how that looks and feels.


The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will feature a number of welcome upgrades. First off, all baseline storage options have been doubled. On the outside, Apple took on a number of engineering challenges to make this phone outstandingly smooth and glossy. The new Jet Black design option will probably sell out almost instantly. With this iteration of the iPhone, Apple nixed the headphone jack and replaced it with stereo speakers. Apple believes the future is wireless. To help bring us there, they have designed AirPods that look much like EarPods except without the cord.

The new iPhone 7s will take better photos than ever before. With larger sensors, new and improved color gamuts, and a dual-camera system on the 7 Plus, digital photography on phones will be lifted to a whole new level. What is fascinating about the dual camera system is that it features one wide angle lens and one telephoto lens. In the past, when users would “zoom in,” it was really the software doing all of the world. Now, when you zoom in from 1x to 2x (twice as close), the lens swaps from the wide angle to the telephoto lens. This is a real zoom that results in crisper, cleaner results. Apple has used this zoom boost to allow users to zoom up to 10x with great clarity.

With these announcements, it is evident that the latest generation of iPhones and Apple Watches will be more useful than ever before. While the price point on certain products is a bit steep (like say the $160.00 wireless AirPods) it will be interesting to see how well received the products are by consumers. Considering how loyal of a following Apple has had historically, it shouldn’t be long before we see wireless AirPods as a mainstream device across the board.

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