Amazon announced today that it will now be offering free unlimited photo storage for all Amazon Prime members. The service will be called Prime Photos and though it was originally available to early adopters of the Fire Phone, the service will now be made available to anyone who has a subscription to Amazon Prime.

The link to the service is:

The service will work between Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Amazon’s own products. Once photos are uploaded, much like with any other cloud service, the photos will be available for viewing on all supported devices. Since storage is unlimited, customers can upload full-sized images without worrying about consuming too much space.

This new addition is sure to heat up some tension between various companies. Recently, Microsoft began offering unlimited storage to Office 365 subscribers, while Apple and Google both offer competitive rates for online storage through iCloud and Google Drive, respectively. Not to mention the popularity of DropBox which is accessible on a wide variety of platforms.

An Amazon Prime membership offers everything from movies, music, free 2-day shipping, and more. This is an added benefit to the standard membership that so many people have already invested in. For some, this may be just enough to convince them to dive into Amazon’s ever-growing ecosystem of products and services.

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