OnePlus is the champion when it comes to affordable smartphones. Now, they are attempting to win the title as the most valuable headphones as well. Their new Bullets v2 earphones pack quite a punch for such affordable headphones. At just $20.00, the value packed into these pocketable speakers is seriously impressive. In the past, Xiaomi’s Pistons have long set the standard in this price range with Zero Audio’s Carbo Tenore. Except, those were $38.00- almost double the cost! The new Bullets v2 rivals taking away their title.

The Chinese company made a big deal about its $50.00 Icons last year but the final product mostly left consumers underwhelmed. This likely stemmed from the excessive hype they were brought in with. The Bullets v2, however, are precisely the opposite: very little paid media sponsored from OnePlus. Despite the price point, the performance is out of this world.

After putting these earphones to the test, users have reported that the Bullets is powerful. The earphones exhibit a wide soundstage that provides room for the music to envelop the listener. The OnePlus has returned them from v1 with a substantial boost in the bass and lower mid-tones. Add that to a soft increase in response at the high end and you have a less flat, more pleasant, and exciting sound signature. Overall, the Bullets v2 sounds incredible.

OnePlus has switched to a flat-designed cord with their new headphones. The company claims that these new cords will be more resistant to tangling than usual. The Bullets v2 have an in-house microphone and Android music controls. For some people, lack of a microphone is a deal breaker. These types of customers will find themselves satisfied with the Bullets v2 mic. As far as fit goes, the Bullets’ one-size-fits-all silicone tips will work quite nicely for most people. The earbuds themselves are super light and remain comfortable for extended wear.

Overall, there is a smoothness to these headphones’ sound that is unmatched, even in more expensive models. Because of their high end performance, these will remain a standard for fantastic value for your money. More expensive models, like the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore, will outperform the Bullets v2, of course. However, given the price and availability, it makes sense to at least give the Bullets v2 a chance.

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