Canon recently announced a new 250 megapixel image sensor that is suitable for consumer-grade DSLR cameras. According to the Japanese camera company, this new high resolution sensor will be able to distinguish letting on moving objects as far as 11 miles away from the location of shooting. For anyone who has tried photographing words from far away, I am sure you respect how incredible that sounds.

This new sensor will be the densest sensor of its size. As an additional perk, it will work extremely quickly and efficiently. The readout speed is 1.25 billion pixels per second. In other words, it can record extremely high resolution photos at around five frames per second.

Canon has decided to take this sensor straight to a more specialized market as opposed to general consumers. The sensor can be implemented into specialized surveillance and crime prevention tools or high resolution measuring instruments. Furthermore, we may see these sensors used in drones for long distance vision or maybe even for sporting events where shooting from far away is essential.

The sensor’s resolution is 19,580 x 12,600 pixels or approximately 246.7 megapixels. The sensor itself is around 29.2mm by 20.2mm. This is slightly larger than most DSLR and mirrorless camera sensors but still smaller than a “full frame” sensor.

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