We’ve seen the introduction of smart lightbulbssmart CrockPots, and even smart locks. It seems the latest device to get “smart” is your water leak detector. While that might seem like random idea, having a wireless water leak detector in your home is actually both practical and useful.

For anyone who has ever experienced a burst pipe, flooding or a leak in their basement, you know what it’s like to deal with the aftermath of such a situation. To avoid those predicaments from getting too serious, early detection is key.

The general premise of these battery powered water detectors is that once wet, they will send a push notification to your smartphone or tablet. From there, you should rush home to see what the damage is.

Here are three sensors that are currently on the market:

Fibaro Flood Sensor

3 wireless water leak detectors for your smarthome

The Fibaro Flood Sensor retails for $60 and detects more than just water. In addition to being a standard water sensor, the Fibaro includes a tilt sensor, temperature sensor, a siren, light, and a built-in Z-wave network range tester. According to the manufacturer, the device will work with any professionally-installed alarm system.

Utilitech Water Leak Detector

3 wireless water leak detectors for your smarthome utilitech

The Utilitech Water Leak Detector is supported on the Lowe’s Iris smart home system as well as all Z-Wave hubs. The detection device comes with a 3-foot long cord and runs on three AAA batteries. This detector sells for $30.

Wally Water Detector

3 wireless water leak detectors for your smarthome wally

The Wally system uses a proprietary wireless system that essentially uses the copper wires in your walls as antennas. The moisture sensor, which can also measure temperature and humidity, is said to help avoid large water emergencies and prevent risky moisture levels that lead to mold damage. You will need the Wally hub and the sensor for the system to work. One Wally sensor costs $35 and the entire system is $300.

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