Warmer weather is on the way. When spring and summer finally roll in, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to spend some time outside. Of course, you don’t have to leave all of your tech toys behind; outdoor speakers can make the great outdoors even greater.

These types of speakers are perfect for any outdoor space, allowing you to have the perfect soundtrack on the patio, next to the barbecue, or even by the pool. Unless you plan to carry speakers around all summer, make sure to choose something that can withstand the outdoor elements a lot better than you can. Otherwise, there are actually many types of outdoor speakers to consider. Here are a few basics.

  1. Passive speakers. These speakers require some type of power, which means they need to be connected to an amplifier or receiver using speaker wire. They’re typically more affordable, although that can vary by brand and speaker type. For instance, most planter and rock speakers are passive speakers. These models are designed to blend into the outdoor elements, made to look like—you guessed it—planters and rocks.

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  1. Powered speakers. Also known as active speakers, these typically weigh more than passive models because they have a built-in amplifier. Many powered speakers even have volume controls right on the speaker cabinet or come packing a remote control. Because these units are more self-contained, they usually need some type of power, which means they need to be installed close to an outlet.

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  1. Wireless speakers. This type of speaker comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes—and prices. Wireless speakers have become extremely popular because of their ease of setup, but remember that most wireless speakers are not truly wireless; they still need a power source. There are rechargeable models out there, but they are made more for travel and less for a large outdoor setup. Also note that not all wireless speakers support Wi-Fi, so talk with EDG about what type of technology is best for your setup.

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