With CES 2015 taking place right now, there’s been a long list of new products announced. In 2014, we saw 3D technology take off and gain quite a bit of publicity. Two of the more innovative announcements at CES this year have been the new CocoJet D1 and the updated version of the 3Doodler.

CocoJet D1

2015 will be the year of 3d technology cocojet d1

The Hershey Company has partnered with 3D Systems to release a new 3D Printer called the CoCoJet D1 that prints chocolate. Yes, that’s right: chocolate.

Consumers can select from white, milk, or dark chocolate for their creations. As long as your design is nothing too complicated, the CocoJet should be able to construct it! Unfortunately, it sounds like the release date has not yet been decided so don’t expect to be printing personlized chocolate hearts this Valentine’s Day!

3Doodler 2.0

2015 will be the year of 3d technology

The original 3Doodler was much less usable compared to the most recent version that was announced. The new pen for 3D-sculpting is thinner and build with stronger materials. Two buttons on the side control how fast you draw and pressing both will detach the stream of plastic.

The 3Doodler does go through a lot of plastic rod cartridges as it melts down the plastic but as long as you have more on hand, that isn’t really an issue. It works similar to the way a GlueGun does.

The company that designed the 3Doodler will be releasing a new type of plastic called FLEXY. It can be used to design objects like wallets and jackets. Anyone who jumps onboard the Kickstarter fanbase will get FLEXY along with their 3Doodler. Prices are expected be set around $100 or $90 if you pre-order through Kickstarter.

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