Hidden Entertainment

Hidden Entertainment took home the CEA TechHome Universal Design Project of the Year. We took into consideration the client’s desire for a powerful media room that could get out of the way and allow for quality family bonding. Before EDG joined the project, the solution had been to use a special paint on the wall that could be used in place of a projector screen. Seeing the inelegance, EDG re-imagined the entire project by rotating the room and using the cabinetry already in the room. With the push of one button, the Control 4 system powered on the Digital Projection projector in the rear cabinet, and a 133” Da-Lite Pop-Up Screen rises from the top of a cabinet in the front of the room, with the audio emitting from behind acoustically transparent fabric.

Project Team


Village Renovators


Interior Designer:

Wendy Eigen Designs



Al Pepe & Sons, Inc.


Wood Working:

JA ART Woodwork