Fortune’s Favor

This theater was installed in an existing home which had a sheetrocked room with drop ceiling and carpet glued to the floor – the room was a rectangular box.  This client had come to us by means of referral; we had recently completed a dedicated 21-seat theater at his friend’s home.  My client was interested in creating a similar dedicated space, only smaller as we had to work within the room’s existing dimensions.  We had been allocated a 17-foot-wide x 28-foot-long space to work with and 8.5 feet ceilings. The objective was to seat 9 comfortably with some additional seating in the rear, at a counter area with bar stools. This would also serve as a secondary location for the client to connect to his office via his PC, or just enjoy a sandwich while watching a movie or sporting event. In terms of performance, they wanted serious sound with great video and wanted the new “CinemaWide 2:4 ratio screen with 16:9 masking screen. They loved their friend’s theater, which delivered that, so we had a great performance point of reference to start from.

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